Sunday, November 17, 2013

Exposing Mary Cummins is so damn easy

A special thank you to Mary Cummins for always laying out her inane lies in such a way that allows me to just insert truthful responses.

Mary Cummins Bat World Sanctuary lawsuit information blah blah bah Legal filings, public documents about Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. They are public figures. These posts are of public concern.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

“Amanda Lollar is still stalking me all over the internet.” 
Oh, I do not think the renowned bat specialist, Amanda Lollar, wants or needs to stalk a disgruntled malcontent like Mary Dumbin' Cummins.  After all, Amanda Lollar has an approximate $6.5 million dollar judgment against Mary Cummins in the state of Texas
and another judgment in the $10,000 category in the state of California. Here is a link to Mary Cummins' own court document that she posted online. The document references that Dummy Cummy was ordered to pay Amanda Lollar's attorney fees.  Unfortunately, Dumbin' Cummins does not realize that the judge 'sanctioned' her.  You would think with all that court room practice, Cummins would have picked up a few tips and noted the legal vernacular so she would not appear so stupid every time she opened her allegedly toothless mouth.

“I was just forwarded a post where she defames and harasses me while writing a fake positive review for law firm Bailey & Galyen. She wrote five fake positive reviews in a row for Bailey & Galyen and Randy Turner. Bailey & Galyen has some truly horrible real reviews. For some reason Amanda Lollar has taken it upon herself to post fake positive reviews in the same user names she uses to attack me. Unethical and stupid. Everyone knows who Rachel Thomas is. Amanda Lollar is also making fake reviews in the names of her board of directors such as Dorothy Hyatt.”  
LOL.  Oh my, oh my what an idiot.  Randy Turner of Bailey & Galyen secured a $6.1M win for Amanda Lollar.  Consequently, I truly believe any and all positive comments made on their page are 100% accurate.  I also believe, from reading the transcript from the trial, that Dorothy Hyatt proved she can speak for herself.  As a matter of fact, Cummins backed down on her 'examination' of Hyatt on the stand because she did not like the truthful answers she was receiving from Hyatt nor did she appreciate that she could not manipulate Hyatt by trying to rephrase the same question she had just asked of Hyatt expecting to elicit a different response.  Oh, why is Mary Cummins so utterly stupid?

“Amanda Lollar also posted that I stated that I "dream of Randy Turner" and his "son." I posted on my personal facebook page that I had a nightmare about Randy Turner.”

Oh contrare, Cummins used the word, "dream" and also stated that she had Randy Turner doing her hair which is a very personal action usually reserved for lovers.
“I was not "dreaming" of him. Randy Turner is a horrible person. No one would "dream" about him. I most certainly would never dream of his son. I don't even know him nor would I care to.”  
Mary Cummins is now trying to claim she does not even know Randy's son but she sure has spent a great deal of time researching him - his looks, where he works, where he goes to school, where he lives, the fact that he was adopted, etc.  I do believe at one point she even speculated about mothering him.

The LAPD told me that Amanda Lollar is mentally ill. I really hope when she has her break down she gets the help that she needs. She is a menace to society. 
Where oh where is the proof of this?  Can anyone with an IQ over 10 believe the LAPD told her these ridiculous lies she has posted here.  I can tell you what the Mineral Well police did after speaking with the LAPD and that is they filed a TERRORISTIC THREAT police report AGAINST Mary Cummins

Monday, November 4, 2013

Mentally ill Amanda Lollar sends this crap to me.  Amanda Lollar still does not realize she is not anonymous. She has never been anonymous.”
When will Mary Cummins get around to filing the proof of her statements?  It has been years and she has yet to file even one item of proof about all of these supposed aliases of Lollar's.  Me thinkst she is confusing Lollar with herself again - projecting her thoughts onto Lollar.  “For the first two years I'd just file this shit away.” Again, not true.  I think in Mary Cummins' mind she now wishes she would have restrained herself, but she certainly did not for "the first two years".  Go on line and you can read the some 30 odd motions she filed trying to keep from going to jail when Amanda Lollar sued her for defamation and breach of contract.   

“I finally started sending cease and desist emails to her attorney. Amanda Lollar continued. And she still thought she was anonymous. I sent subpoenas to Google, Yahoo...and received her identity. I didn't even need to send subpoenas to know the identities. If she sends something to me I will know the identity. There is no proxy server that can hide her. She is so crazy that she pretends to be a young, pretty woman with children. This is of course the opposite of who she is.” 

“Few months ago she used the photo from a Facebook ad for online education for children as her profile pic. Like I would not recognize the photo. I get the same ads. She pretended to be a pretty young mother with a cute kid who is a cheer leader and works for JP Morgan. She gets even crazier with her lies. She also pretends to be super wealthy owning two homes that are 3,500 and 7,000 sf. She also owns income property. Oddly enough the size and type of the properties which need to be appraised keep changing.”   
Oh, please just give us one piece of proof for all of these outlandish statements (lies)!!  How sad is it that Mary Cummins' life is so devoid of family, friends, career, etc., that she has memorized all of the profile pictures that appear on line?  I doubt anyone with an average IQ could or would do this.  But then again Mary proudly claims she was a member of Junior Mensa.

“Here she states she works for JP Morgan and in her pm's she doesn't understand the basics of appraisals. JP Morgan is a finance company. Amanda Lollar is not smart.”  
Oh contrare, Mary Cummins, since you are the dummy who owes Amanda Lollar in excess of $6.5 million dollars!  

“She's also totally uneducated.”
Amanda Lollar has built the largest bat sanctuary in the world.  Bat World is part of the White Nose Syndrome team to save bats.  Amanda Lollar has been recognized for her outstanding achievements by Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, David Letterman, Jonathan Balcombe, Patricia Brown-Berry, etc.  

“Here is the image which she used for her fake FB profile. Amanda Lollar is 56 years old, cannot have kids, hates kids, looks nothing like this woman. She carried on this silly childish conversation with me just so she could talk to me. That's how sick Amanda Lollar is.  I thought this photo looked staged and it is. It came from and is titled "cute girl having fun with mother." These are models paid to stage photos to sell as stock photography. I've done some of these photos.” Once again, no proof given. 

It was sold for use as an ad for K12 education ads on Facebook. Amanda Lollar wants people to think this is her.” 
Amanda Lollar has been interviewed by both the printed and t.v. media for decades.  Which means there are hundreds of pictures of Amanda Lollar everywhere.  What an idiotic statement for Dumbin' Cummins to make!!  Cummins really has outdone herself here in the stupidity department. 

“If Amanda Lollar didn't have a hysterectomy, she might be this woman's grandmother but she is definitely not this woman with a kid.” Mary Cummins' jealousy is not just rearing its ugly head but it is jumping off of the page!  Would somebody in Bel Aire please tell Mary Cummins she is making herself look more and more ridiculous with these blogs and posts?  Can you actually picture Amanda Lollar sharing any personal information with Dumbin' Cummins?  Notice how Cummins refers to "with a kid"; she did not say child.  Because Cummins herself is barren she is once again projecting that she does not like children - either hers or others.  Are there any children in Mary Cummins' life?  According to all reports there is not.  Whereas Amanda Lollar has educated tens of thousands of children in outreach education programs.

Do you think it is time for Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals to get a real job?  At this point I am starting to think that she is totally incapable of securing employment because she is so mentally unbalanced.  After all, according to her own testimony, she has been fired from the last 3 jobs she held.  And that is based on what she can remember.  Imagine how many employers have actually relieved themselves of her company.  Wouldn't you love to see the notes from her psychologist? Geez, if the only previous employment Cummins can list resulted in her being fired and everyone wound up testifying in a court action, it sort of explains why she is self-employed.  As Mary stated at her indigency hearing, “I’m doing everything I can to try to find a job.  I’ve applied for every job in my field on Career Builder, and Craigs List.  I did receive one job, and I accepted it.  And on the first day of the job I was fired……”  Not a very good track record.  Here is a clue. If you cannot find work in your field, go find other work.  If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, that is the definition of being mentally impaired.  



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